3 Things You Need To Focus On When Starting Your Digital Marketing Agency

Starting an agency can be confusing for many, with all the considerations, planning, and things to do. But there are 3 key things every agency should do to grow. Focusing on these 3 aspects of an agency will help you solidify it and reduce risks, so your business grows steady and strong.

General Considerations

Here, we’re talking about tips for small agencies, that is, agencies with 0-10 clients. Why 10 clients? When an agency has a minimum of 10 clients, they should be in a 7 figure range. Also, when you reach this number of clients, your risk starts dropping dramatically. 

When starting a digital agency, the risk is too high. As a business owner, you need to put all of it to get it started and drive it home. These are 3 core things to block off in your calendar; you have to be committed and put the right amount of time and effort into them. 

1. Clients

It’s important to communicate with your clients. Have a weekly meeting with every one of your clients for at least half an hour. If they don’t want to sync up with you weekly, don’t work with them. Clients have it in their interest to meet. They should regularly want to check numbers, etc. You have to know your clients, their needs, and their pain points. 

Here is an excellent way of preparing for these meetings:

  • 30 minutes to get to know your client and prepare what you’ll discuss.
  • 30 minutes for the meeting.
  • 30 minutes post-meeting to create tasks and follow up via email. 3 things you have to do, 2 items you request from them, and 1 thing you thought for our next meeting.


You’ll end up dedicating around 15 hours a week to clients. This is why it’s essential to dedicate the right amount of time to your agency.

2. Prospecting

To lower your risks as a business, you need stability. Check all of your follow-ups and automation. Do the cold calling. Be sure you’re checking all the boxes to drive your agency to your goal. This will take 2 and a half hours in the morning and 2 in the evening. You’ll reach that 10-client mark within 90 days if you do this!

3. Learning

Learning is possible through many mediums. Consume content. Learn from all of those who have come before you and let them guide you on starting and going ahead. Spend 2 hours a day learning in a way you don’t get sidetracked. Learn, learn, learn. 

Ready To Scale Your Agency?

Focusing on your clients, prospecting, and constant learning will enable you to scale your agency. Consistently apply these 3 key aspects, and you’ll scale your agency fast, smoothly, and in no time! For these and more tips, check out Digital Agency Hacker. Don’t forget to upgrade your membership to enjoy all our features.