Offering SEO as a service for your clients is vital for their business and your agency. More and more businesses are looking for SEO strategies as they come to understand how beneficial it can be. However, many still don’t fully understand why it is so key to their digital marketing strategy.

What Your Clients Are Missing Without SEO

SEO has turned out to be a must-have strategy in marketing. If your digital marketing agency is not providing this service yet, you’re depriving your customers of their chance to grow their business. Let’s take a look at five fundamental reasons why your clients need SEO services.

“Let’s Google It”

The first thing you do when you need a specific service is go to Google and “Google” it. Yes, this has become a verb. We’ve all been in the position where we are looking for a service and say, “I should Google it.” And that’s something your clients need. Your roofer clients, home buyers, law firms, lenders, and more should have the chance to appear in an individual’s search results.

80% Of Traffic is Organic

SEO is an organic way to appear at the top of a search engine’s results. The truth is that most traffic comes from organic search results, not paid ones: 80% of traffic comes from organic. Although PPC can be a great strategy, it should be a complement, as it’s only a fraction of the traffic.

Social Media Comes Second

It’s important that your client be active on social media, and all their information on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform is up-to-date. But, this is hardly the first place where people go to search for information. Your client’s business needs to be present on search engines, and not just rely on social media presence.

More Credibility

Undoubtedly, by appearing on Google’s search results, you’ll generate more traffic, leading your client’s business website to appear among Google’s first page results. When this happens, you get potential customers to trust your clients and what they offer, increasing their credibility in their customers’ eyes. If a business is at the top of Google search results, they can be trusted.

Long-Term Strategy

SEO is a sustainable strategy whose benefits multiply over time, especially in terms of revenue for your clients. With other digital marketing strategies, leads and conversions end when you stop the campaign. With an SEO strategy, you’re leading your clients to a long-term strategy but with future valuable results, and long-lasting results.

Show Your Clients You Care With Your SEO Services

Add value to your company with SEo services and make your clients grow and flourish; by doing so, you’re allowing your agency to grow as well.

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