5 Things I Learned from EntreLeadership

To have a sustainable Marketing Agency, you have to learn from the experts. One expert is Dave Ramsey, who wrote the book EntreLeadership. 

Follow these tips and tricks when establishing your agency, and you will get guidelines to increase sales and productivity. Do you need to know where your business is heading? Keep reading. Here are the 5 takeaways from this book.

Number 1. Start with a Dream, End with a Goal.

Every business must have a road map to focus efforts and keep moving forward. These dreams, goals, and missions drive companies and keep pushing and growing. Setting standards on every level sets the tone and focuses employees on a common goal. This compass allows team members to work for a collective common goal individually. Want to be a genius agency striving for success? Then create a disciplined, ordered business with a vision intact; in doing so, you are heading in the right direction. 

Number 2. Spineless Leader

Yes, it sounds brutal, but it is essential. Some leaders might find this a little daunting since they talk about people, not robots. But having a spineless leader who stands up for their commitments and holds people accountable is a task that pushes your business to the next level of standards. It sounds rough, but it is needed. 

Number 3. Bulletproof Finance Ideas 

Financial strategies are a must when starting up your own business. Save the cash for a rainy day sounds like conservative advice from your parents, but it pays off when things get complicated. For instance, in COVID 19, nobody saw it coming, and businesses plummeted due to poor financial structures. At Hite Digital, nobody was laid off even when revenues decreased 40% in 30 days. So having budgets and no debt pays off when things get tough. 

Number 4. Hiring People 

Understanding a business is essential. Motivating and encouraging the team members is just as important; people matter at the end of the day. So empowering them and knowing how to compensate them brings added value to your business. 

Number 5. Delegation 

You are the business; it might succeed or go the other way. Regardless, you as a business owner must know somewhat of what your team members are doing, even when delegating a task. Authentic leadership is responsible for where the business is heading. 

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