Over the past few years, more business owners have started to use marketing automation tools in order to reach their business goals faster and more efficiently. According to Emailmonday’s The Ultimate Marketing Automation Statistics Overview, approximately 51% of companies currently use marketing automation technology.  

Automating processes can significantly help you scale your business, by improving user experience, generating hot leads, and driving conversions. However, it is important that marketers can differentiate which marketing tasks are acceptable to automate, and which aren’t. 

Here are 5 things you can automate in your marketing:

Social Media

Social media management is one of the most common things that marketers automate. Automating social posts allows marketers to have a constant presence in social media without spending too much time or money.

Social media automation tools, like Hootsuite, let you plan, manage, and post all your social media content from a single interface. Scheduling posts can help you engage with your followers while saving your team up to 6 hours of work per week

Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest and most popular forms of electronic communication. Email marketing is still widely used by marketers due to their effectiveness in increasing conversions rates and building customer loyalty. Email campaigns consist of sending emails with a variety of content to a list of potential and current customers.

Personalized email campaigns

Personalization enhances email marketing performance by providing email subscribers a more customized user experience. With the use of CRM and marketing automation software, you will be able to segment your list and send the right message to different groups of people. 

Follow-Up Emails

Automated follow-up emails help you maintain good communication with your potential and current customers. You can create and automate a variety of follow-up emails for different user actions like new subscriptions, inquiries, and purchases. You can choose and set up how much time to wait before sending the emails. 

Lead Qualifying

Automation tools can help you identify high-quality leads, and filter the leads that don’t hold enough value. With these tools, you can easily forecast if users are able and willing to purchase your goods and services. 

Lead qualifying consists of identity and prioritizing with the information that users provide in their signup process. Automation tools simplify this process and help you make better use of your time and resources.

Automated Webinars

Webinars are one of the most successful marketing tools to engage with hundreds of people and increase brand awareness. Automated webinars are prerecorded and then presented to your audience at regular intervals.

Webinar automation software tools have many sales features so you can promote your products to the audience. They also allow you to schedule your webinars and remind attendees about going to the event.

Automate To The Max

Everything you need to automate your marketing and sales is available in Highlevel, a system to capture, nurture and close leads using a variety of popular platforms, all in one place.

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