7 Mistakes Digital Marketing Coaches Do, And You Should Be Aware Of!

The world of digital marketing has changed so much in the last few years. Businesses are looking for ways to stay ahead and grow their business, and coaches have become a hot commodity. They’re playing a huge role in the digital agency landscape. But how do you know if a coach is good for you and your business?


Digital agencies invest a lot of money into hiring these coaches because it’s assumed they’ll help them scale and grow their business faster than ever before. Sometimes this isn’t the case, though, as some coaches give bad advice or exaggerate how well they work with other agencies. 


This blog post will talk about 7 mistakes that coaches make when working with digital marketing agencies and that you should be aware of!

  • Assure You One Call Is Enough To Close

Sometimes coaches guarantee that they have the secret to close a client in one call. They try hard to get someone on board that they might not consider benefiting you and your company, but just themselves.


Just think about it; the easier and faster you get a client on board, the easier and faster they get to leave. Don’t fall into this trap! You need to analyze better if you’re doing the right thing or not before jumping into the game.


Long-term relationships with clients are what matter, and “closing” them in one call doesn’t seem to be the right move to achieve this. 

  • Facebook Ads – Not Always The Best Option

Facebook Ads are becoming more unstable with time. The average churn rate in the U.S is around 20-25, meaning once you get to 20 clients, you’ll be losing about 4 or 5 of those clients every month. If you’re a numbers fan, think about the ones mentioned before and see if that will allow you to grow and scale.


For this reason, digital marketing coaches should be honest about the reality of Facebook ads and explain to their clients that it’s not always a great option for them if they’re looking to grow their agencies. And, even though PPC and SEO may be harder to sell, they are more stable products.


Sometimes starting slow is better than jumping into something too fast without knowing what you’re doing! You need to have a stable product if you want to grow.

  • Wasting Your Clients’ Money With High Ticket Fees

This one is a bit tricky. Sometimes, coaches recommend charging as much money as you can to certain clients, while it may not be the best option for you nor your clients. If you’re a starting digital marketing agency, you should do the following:


  • Establish Credibility, Quality, And Brand Recognition: If you’re getting started, you don’t have to charge your clients as much money as your coach may think or sense you should. Here’s why. 


Picture this, if you’re charging $1,500 for Facebook Ads, it means you have $1,000 for management. Let’s say you’re getting $10 cost per lead which automatically means that you’ll get around 100 leads.


Now, if you only charge $500 instead of $1,500, it means that your ad spend doubles, which means you could actually get $15 cost per lead and still get more leads for your client. So, you don’t have to charge a lot of money to obtain results; it could affect you in the long run.


  • Being Profitable To Keep Clients: You need to be crystal clear that you have to be profitable. If you’re profitable and keep a client for 6 months or 2 years, you can increase the pricing later on.

  • Selling Too Fast Without Due Diligence 

Sometimes coaches advise you to sell fast and not carefully. They try to get a quick win, but that’s the wrong move because you need to think about your clients’ and your business, before going ahead!


We’re not saying that you should read all the fine prints, but it’s important to know what you’re signing up for and each party’s responsibilities! You have to make sure everyone is on the same page and that you’re setting the right expectations.

  • Paying Less Doesn’t Make You Smart

The question here is, how can someone pay a person the least amount of money possible and feel good about it? If you’re wondering how coaches advise digital marketing agencies to do so, easy! Hiring VAs.


When it comes to hiring VAs or hiring in general and wanting to scale, there are two options. One, you have to know the product, sales, or prospecting, so when you’re hiring a VA or any team member, you know how to coach them, teach them, and how to help them grow. You have to know their potential to know what they should be hitting, so you work alongside them to help them be better. 


The other option is that you need to be hiring an expert, and they have to be able to prove to you that they’re an expert. Not just by bluffing and showing random results, but proving they can handle everything and that they know what they’re doing is right. 


Many business owners believe hiring VAs is a great option, but we recommend that you find team members that you feel confident can deliver results.

  • Niche It Down!

Coaches might recommend doing cold outreach, but honestly, you can be cold emailing everything. You’re not going to get anywhere with just doing cold outreach! This is why we advise you to niche it down.


You also have to diversify your portfolio. Instead of having clients in just one industry, you want to have many clients from many different industries. That way, when one of your clients needs to scale or something changes in their business, it doesn’t affect your relationship or connections.

  • Good Outcomes Take Time

It’s not easy to build a digital marketing agency, good things take time. You have to be committed and stay focused on what you’re doing because sometimes people think the results are coming after 90 days – but it takes more than that.


If that was true, then everyone would be a millionaire in less than 30 days! There are no shortcuts when it comes to building a business. You have to take the time and dedicate yourself. For you and your teammates to deliver good results, it is going to require hard work from everyone involved.


It’s not going to happen overnight! Anyone who tells you otherwise, it’s lying! Scaling takes time, and you have to be patient and learn from your mistakes.


Don’t Let Them Fool You, Be Prepared And Ready To Rock!

Now that we’ve talked about all of those mistakes, it’s time to go back to what we said in this post: building an agency isn’t easy; it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, learning, and patience. We can’t say it any better, so we’ll just let you know that if anyone tells you it’s easy, don’t believe them!


It might seem like a good idea to give up after several tries and failures but keep in mind that success takes time, dedication, and love into everything you do. Keep in mind that as it’ll take time, your results will last longer!


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