is a new AI marketing platform tool that’s going to guarantee time-saving in your copywriting and marketing. Meet Jarvis, the AI that’s taking over social media and will be your best friend/tool when it comes to developing your client’s campaigns, product descriptions and much more. It is not to undermine a writer’s ability to create content, but more that it allows multiple angles for the writer to branch ideas from and serves as a great tool for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for growth opportunities. It also helps developers looking to create that new product or service to help it convert well with engaging content. is an amazing writers tool for anyone using written content for media.

Recent users even claim that you could write a blog post in 20 minutes once you get good at filtering content. Jarvis generates writing for you in a non-compromising way, meaning that it’s not plagiarized.

Let’s think back to a time before the internet, when all marketers only had pen and paper. This is a major game changer for the market, because it makes it an “all up for grabs” scenario for agencies worldwide. Now, everyone can create content of their own without having to worry about copying someone else’s work. Jarvis grabs content from all online data and generates ideas for you, given what you input. The more you specify, the better content it can generate.

The text gathers comes from various sources and areas on the web. For example, it’s areas of expertise are: Ecommerce templates, Marketing templates, Email templates, for Website, Blogs, Videos, Ads, SEO and much more! As soon as you enter, you are presented with a dashboard with all usable templates:

You can choose any of the templates below. The developers keep coming up with new templates almost every week (Explain It Like a Child, Creative Story, etc)! You can filter the templates depending on what you are working on: Marketing Frameworks, Ecommerce, Email, etc.





The Marketing Frameworks are those templates that provide a specific marketing strategy to the generated text. “AIDA Framework” for example stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire and Action”. The “action” at the ends means a call to action for the reader to click or engage with the content. “PAS Framework ” follows the strategy of “Problem. Agitate. Solution”. When you click on any of these templates, you will be asked to input general information so that Jarvis/ can begin generating content.

As seen on the picture above, the first thing you will be asked is to input your “Company/Product Name”. You can simply provide your company name or if you have a specific product you want to market and talk about, you can change that to your offer. In “Product description”, write at least a few sentences on what your product or offer is about. Finally, provide the “Tone of voice” for example: Funny, serious, amused, excited, bold, dramatic, complex, cynical and encouraging. Mark the number of “outputs” or content you wish generated, and click on “Generate AI content”. The content will appear on your right!

Use as a Word Doc

Besides these great template options lets you work on your writings in a similar fashion to Word. However, the great benefit of Unlimited Plan is the “Long-form assistant” and “Blank Document”.

  • Blank document: similar to Word, “Black doc” allows you to simply write your ideas and start from scratch. However, the great benefit of is the dual screen option within the same website, that allows you to work comfortably, without having to go from one place to the next. On the right, you will find the templates to generate content, while on the right-hand-side you will be able to copy and edit your work into.

By clicking in the center of the screen, you will see the two screen options: “Focus Mode” and “Power Mode”.

Respectively, “Focus Mode” on the left, and “Power Mode” to the right. 

“Focus Mode” allows you to only see the document you are working on, without the template aid. If you want the templates to appear on your right for assistance, turn on “Power Mode”.

  • Long-form assistant is’s most useful tool. You can begin by simply knowing your topic, inputting a few ideas and Jarvis will begin a blog post for you. 
  • The first step is to describe what you want to create. You can also provide keywords if you think it will help the AI generate more ideas (optional).
  • Provide a title. If you already added info in the previous step, Jarvis will find one for you if you click on “Generate ideas”. 
  • Intro Paragraph would be the last step. You can start from scratch (recommended) or you can allow to also generate ideas for you.

Once these steps are done, you will be able to continue creating content like in “Blank Doc”. The only key difference between these two is that in “Long-form assistant”, the right-hand side document has an option for “Generate”. This button is different from the “Generate AI content” to your left. The “Generate” button provides you with a potential next paragraph to the information you have drafted out above.

As you can see and try for yourself, by going into, marketers, and copywriters have been granted an amazing tool that will guarantee results and opportunities fast! Jarvis allows for brainstorming and writers to generate ideas much quicker. Knowing how the marketer’s world can be very fast-paced, provides quick results but the time saved from coming up with these ideas, lets you work in a much more geared and straightforward manner.