In this SOP we will go over how to upload files to a specific Contact in Go High Level. Let’s say you want a specific file to be uploaded to your contact within HL and you don’t want to save it as a single link in your notes. 

  1. Go to your Go High Level sub-account and head to “Settings” → “Custom Fields” tab.
  2. Once you are in the “Custom Fields” tab, on the right hand side, click on the green button for “ + Add custom field”.
  1. In the next pop up, you will see all options for Custom Fields you can add to your contact. In this specific case, we will use “File Upload.”
  1. Next, add the “Name of the field” for what you want this custom field to have. In “Placeholder,” you can further describe what your contact should do, like “Upload file,” but in this case, it’s not necessary.
  1. For “Type” you can leave “Contact” as is. In “Acceptable formats,” you can choose specifically what file format you want your contacts to be able to upload such as PDF, JPG, PNG or you can simply click on “Any” to allow all formats.
  2. You can allow for multiple files by clicking the green toggle button for “On/Off” and provide “Maximum number of files allowed” by entering your desired number.
  1. Head to Contacts → “Contacts / Smart lists.”

8) Finally, click on any contact, and by going into the “Additional Info” tab (next to “General Info”), you will find the Custom Field you just created for “File Upload.” The ability to upload a file will be available under the name you gave the custom field. Ex: “Contract: + Add files” below.

Now you are able to store files within a specific customer, without having to save them elsewhere!