Go High Level has the ability to clone memberships within your sub-account. Memberships can help you set up courses on any topic you’d like and classify that as a service or product.

  1. Go to the “Funnels & Websites” tab within your sub-account. Head to “Memberships”. 
  1. Click on “Products” and create your own. 
  1. You can use templates or start from scratch. We will create one in this case by choosing “Start building” under Build Your Own. 
  1. You can edit your product in Memberships through “Categories” and posts. Categories are similar to folders and you edit content within the post. 
  1. To continue with the step to clone the entire membership/course, make sure you are “Products” tab. Hover over the three dots and click “Clone”.
  1. Next, you will be shown a pop up, where you can choose if you want to clone either to “Current location”, meaning just your own sub-account’s version of Memberships or “Multiple Locations, where you can send to other sub-accounts within an account.
  1. Once you click on “Clone” you are done with the process.