Most business owners don’t acknowledge the importance of making SEO part of their marketing strategy. Many just don’t understand the value of SEO and why it’s so essential for their online success. Therefore, your main task as a digital marketing agency is to use their valuable time wisely and let them know why they need SEO for their company. 

Here’s how you can convince your clients they need SEO — in five minutes or less.

The Questions

Get a face-to-face meeting with your client, whether it’s in person or over video call. Once you’re with them, you’ll just ask five simple questions. The first is the key question that will jumpstart the rest of the meeting. Let’s pretend this client owns an HVAC company in Florida. This is how it will go:

  1. If you were your own customer, how would you find your services?

The main question to ask would be, “if you need an HVAC service, where do you go to find it?” Do not get ahead of them — let them respond. They will automatically say Google. You’ll notice that it’ll be a fast answer, because that’s how everybody searches for a service now.

From the instant they answer, they’ll start to know where you’re heading. But keep going and ask your next question.

  1. What would you type to look for that service?

As you ask this second question, have them give you the answer. To continue with our HVAC example, ask them, “what would you type in if you were looking for HVAC services?” They’ll probably say “HVAC services near me” or “HVAC services in Miami.” As they answer, you’re type their answer into Google and search. 

  1. Does your business appear on the search results?

You won’t directly ask this question, but the idea is to get them to realize that they’re not ranking. You’ll show them the top organic results and ask, “Is this your company?” “Is this your brand?” They’ll realize that their competitors are there, but theirs is not.

  1. Do you know any of these companies?

This question is key to driving them towards a final conclusion. Your client will likely know some of the companies in the top results, because they’re likely the client’s top competitors.

  1. Where are your clients going?

Once you have gone through all those questions, your client should see that all his competitors are getting the traffic (and customers) that they could be getting instead. Once they understand this, you can explain how SEO puts their business in those organic results, bringing them more traffic and more business.

Welcome Your New SEO Client

So try this technique next time a business owner isn’t convinced that SEO is a worthwhile investment — maybe you’ll be welcoming a new SEO client to your digital marketing agency.