Bundling your digital marketing services is a way to help your prospects in the decision-making process, as well as increase your sales by making more attractive offers at a unit price.

Creating packages for the first time might seem challenging, especially when you’re trying to please the different types of customers you’re getting. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated if you follow some simple steps.

Before we jump into what are the steps you need to start creating packages for your digital marketing agency, let’s review how you can benefit from offering packages.

Benefits of Offering Packages

  1. Sell low-performing services

By offering packages, you can sell those services you’ve been struggling to close and gain time to develop them until they earn your customer’s trust.

  1. Promote new services

If you’ve decided to expand your services, you can introduce the new product as an add-on to a package, and test how well it performs without risking high cancellations. 

  1. Support your strongest product

Packages can help support your most reliable product. For example, SEO is one of the services with the lowest churn, and that, in the long run, can add more value and bring more revenue.

However, for some customers, it may not be easy to visualize the benefits of SEO. Adding other features or even services for a discounted price can make them feel they’re acquiring a high-value product.

  1. Attract new customers

Selling your services in bundle packages can help you attract new customers. There will always be prospects looking for deals or more convenient ways to purchase products. 

  1. Increase your prices

When offering your services in the form of packages, it can be simpler to increase your prices and make different offers for your clients. And if you’re a starter agency, packages can simplify how to price your digital marketing services

Steps to Easily Create Packages for Your Digital Marketing Services

Now that we know the benefits of bundling your services, here are five steps that can help you create the packages:

Step 1: Study your clients

Study your clients, find out their immediate and long term needs and struggles, and think about what solutions you can provide through a combination of services.

Step 2: Choose your best-performing products 

Choose your best-performing products or services so that you can focus the packages around them. It could be those with the lowest churn and those that you feel more comfortable with.

Step 3: Think about irresistible deals

You want to create an irresistible package, with enough value to make up for long-term goals and to support initial short-term deals. Be careful, though, to not make it too irresistible to the point where your prospects will say yes without considering the value of their investment. 

Let’s follow up on the SEO package example. You could offer Google Ads or Facebook Ads for free to fulfill immediate needs. Throughout the process, educate your customers by helping them see the advantages of SEO until they start seeing results and willingly decide to stick to that long-term investment. 

Step 4: Create an attractive copy to detail the packages

Think about how you want to project your digital marketing packages, and create an attractive copy with detailed information on what’s included and how beneficial they can be.

Step 5: Offer discounted prices

Offer discounted prices with basic or starter packages, and add more products to increase your rates. 

Start Creating & Don’t Stop Testing

Don’t be afraid of failing at first — if it doesn’t work, keep testing. After all, there’s no perfect formula. Even the most prominent agencies are continuously adjusting and creating packages depending on the time of the year or their marketing goals.

We would like to hear from you, share your thoughts, doubts, and what are you doing now to market your digital marketing services.