An agency is defined by its core values. It’s not something that you only see at the company or on the website, but through its people in and outside of the agency. Core values define the company identity, and that goes beyond profit and sales. Let’s take a look at what core values are, why they are so important, and how you define them.

Core Values & Why You Need Them

Core values are essentially the guiding principles that dictate behavior in an agency and serve as a guide to determine whether the agency is fulfilling its mission. These are usually stated in the agency’s mission statement. 

The importance of establishing core values is that they impact brand, culture, and business strategies. Values drive success. It is also important to define them because they let clients know where your main focus is and where your skills lie. It sets the tone for team members and clients.

These values are crucial for client relationships because they allow you to choose clients that you genuinely want to work with rather than those you “have” to work with. When clients resonate with your culture and philosophy, it is a lot easier to establish a connection and retain them.

How To Define Your Agency’s Values

The CEO and founders of an agency have a lot of say when it comes to defining values as they determine what they want the agency to be known for, what differentiates them, what kind of people they want to work with, and what guides their choices. Here are a few steps to define core values:

The Leader Sets The Tone

The CEO of an agency is usually the driving force behind the organization’s values and culture. Whether intentional or not, core values are shaped by how the leader carries out goals and initiatives. The values they instill are ones that they recognize will drive the agency to success. Then these values are adopted by others, which contribute to company culture. 

Clarify the Purpose

It is essential to keep in mind the purpose your agency is serving. Identify the motivations behind the actions that are taken and how those are shaping culture. Focusing on the mission will be a constant reminder of the core values making them more actionable and easier to develop with current and future team members. 

Stay In Touch With Your Team

Team members are a great resource that shouldn’t be overlooked. They are constantly driving the agency’s mission and living the culture. They serve as the ultimate representation of the agency’s values. 

Surveying them can help you see if the values are translating correctly and if they’re meaningful to the agency’s team members. They can help you determine areas of improvement.

Show Gratitude & Spread The Word

If your team aligns with your agency’s values and those translate to a positive culture, you must show appreciation. They are your agency’s cultural ambassadors that will share those values and solidify them.

As core values are pillars, it is crucial to make them the center of attention. Make them a priority when hiring someone and dedicate time to them during orientation. Keeping them present will challenge your team to embody the values and enrich them.

Set Up Your Team For Success

When you establish core values correctly, they have the power to transform your agency. You will find what you are looking for regarding top talent, achieve your mission, and develop a unique culture. Define your agency’s values and walk the talk to achieve your goals and success. 

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