An essential part of growing your business and running successful operations is by hiring a great team. Hiring the right people will always be a challenge, mainly because there’s just so much you can get to know about them during an interview.

Throughout our own experience, we’ve come to realize that there’s no perfect way when it comes to hiring someone. However, there are some steps you can take to ease the recruiting process and find the ideal candidate.

1. Describe as best as possible the attributes you’re looking for in a candidate

Describe thoroughly on the job post the attributes you’re looking for in the candidates and use different sources to promote it. Post it on your website, but also platforms like LinkedIn, BambooHr, Glassdoor, etc.

2. Take your time during the recruitment process

Don’t rush by hiring the first candidate; take your time to assess a few candidates. Prepare challenges related to the job they will perform; for example, if you’re looking for a digital marketing account manager, give them an account to audit.

Be careful about how long you make the recruitment process too. You don’t want to make it too extensive, as you could lose great candidates.

3. Build a company culture & hire based on it

One of the things that keep teams together and employees happy is by building a company culture. When the same values and beliefs are shared and followed, your team will get a sense of belonging. 

Company culture can be different for each business; it’s tied up with their behaviors and how everyone in the company interacts with each other.

Google, for example, is well-known for its employee-friendly culture. They express it in the relaxed way they dress, and the free incentives like employee lunches, on-site doctors, flexible time, tuition reimbursement, and more.

It doesn’t mean you always have to give these benefits to maintain a company culture. Let’s take now family as an example. A family-oriented culture could be created through events where employees can interact with their families or allowing a single mom to work from home.

4. Get to Know Your Candidates

As mentioned above, it isn’t easy to know someone’s true values and personality during an interview. 

Test other resources to get to know your candidates. It could be asking them to write an essay about themself and their values, or better yet, a video where they have to get creative and talk about themselves.

More than their abilities to do the video, what is measured is the effort and the image they get from the company. Through this process, you can get some insights on whether the candidate could match the company culture, and see if they can identify it. 

5. Involve leadership and some other team members in the decision-making process

Get the opinion from leadership and other team members. You don’t need to get everyone involved, but having a couple of other minds can help catch on aspects of the candidates that you could be missing. As well don’t underestimate their references, contact a couple of them and ask about the candidate’s performance in their previous job.

Overall, trust your gut: body language, and emotions can say a lot about the candidates. Test out some of the steps we mentioned and adjust them to what best works for you.