More than a business listing, Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful and free business profile that allows you to connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. If you are offering SEO services to your clients, it’s necessary to claim their business’ GMB profile and optimize it.

A Google My Business profile should provide potential clients with all the necessary information about the business: where to find it, operation hours, contact information, etc. The more complete and accurate the information shown, the better. Google ranks your profile higher if it has activity and quality of information, compared to profiles that haven’t been filled out. 

When you’re optimizing your client’s profile, here are five steps to a better and more visible profile.

Step 1: Claim Google My Business Profile

As Google My Business is interactive, anyone using Google can suggest changes and information about a business, including adding it as a missing place. After creating a Google My Business Account, the profile needs to be claimed by the business itself. Google is very straightforward, but if you are not sure how to claim a GMB Profile, visit their guide.

Step 2: Add The Business Information

Make sure to check and add as much information as possible at first Info, Messaging, Photos, Products, Services, and Website sections are essential.

Within the info section, you’ll be able to add the business name, the phone number, address, service areas, hours, website, services, highlighted attributes, and a from the owner description.

There are numerous attributes; depending on the type of business, some might be more applicable than others. 

On the “from the owner” section, you can add a small description of the business and selling points that make it unique.

Step 3: Create Posts & Post Photos

Like social media, posts are a great way to engage with clients and bring attention to business listings. We recommend you create at least one weekly post and, if possible, post photos, too.

You can add offers, updates, events, new incoming products, etc. This photo shows how the Posts section looks when editing:

Step 4: Answer Reviews

Show customers that you care by answering to their reviews if it’s your business profile. However, if it’s the GMB from one of your clients, we recommend the owner takes care of it. Explain to them the importance of being them the ones answering their customers even if they get a bad review.

Reviews are among the top things that influence potential buyers on whether acquiring a service or product, especially when they don’t know the business or brand. 

Step 5: Answer “Questions & Answers”

The “Questions & Answers” section works as a FAQ. Similar to Amazon, Google offers this feature in Google My Business Profiles.

However, this also means it’s available for anyone that visits the GMB profile to edit it. In the settings section of your Google My Business account, you can set up alerts for when someone makes a question, and stay on top of answering them.

You can also set up alerts for the other sections of the profile. We recommend you read them because once again, as we mentioned earlier, GMB profiles are interactive and allow users to make edits, add photos, and suggest changes.

Start Updating Your Client’s Google My Business Profiles

As you can see, the steps are simple, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to optimize a GMB account other than dedication. You can also share blog posts and other content used as part of your SEO strategy; the vital part is to stay engaged and keep feeding the Google My Business account.

We hope this guide helps you and soon helps start seeing a positive impact from the influence a business listing like GMB can have over your client’s accounts. 

Let us know what you think, your experience, doubts, or if there’s something else you’re doing that we didn’t cover in this article.