Starting a digital marketing agency is challenging, like any other new business. Starting is scary, but even more frightening is the thought of growth, which will happen eventually if you started your agency off on the right foot. Many digital marketing agencies never grow past 5-10 clients, and most don’t make it past a few years.

To succeed as an agency, growth is vital. Let’s get hands-on and discover why scaling is essential and how you can do it.

Why Scaling Matters

Do you remember the goals you set yourself when starting your agency? They helped you get to where you are right now. All you have accomplished so far is thanks to those goals that led your way to growth.

If you find yourself at this point, it means you have done many things right and learned from your mistakes. Then why scale? Because scaling is the only way to move forward. In a growing market like digital marketing, you have to take the opportunity to grow with it.

Scaling allows your agency to push past initial success and into real growth. At some point, if you don’t scale, you will see a plateau in sales. Therefore, set yourself and your company with new goals to move to the next level.

How To Scale

Now that you have decided to scale, here are the steps you should take to achieve it.

  1. White Label Your Services

White labeling is an absolute must for agencies looking to scale affordably. White labeling is when you hire another agency to perform your services, and then you offer them to direct clients as your own services.

The white label selling strategy makes your life a lot easier since it will permit your agency to expand your service offerings. When a reliable and experienced white label agency is handling the day-to-day work on your campaigns, you can not only focus more on sales and client relationships, but also take on more clients for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Hire Your First Team Member 

One of the main signs of growth is when you can no longer do all the work on your own. Therefore, it’s about time to hire your first team member. This is the way you start learning how to delegate and eventually create a well-defined job position. Over time you’ll see how your team grows, and different departments emerge.

If you’re wondering what positions you should hire first, check out our podcast on the topic. Spoiler alert: it’s not necessarily just a salesperson.

  1. Hire Slow and Fire Fast

Most people hire fast to fill a position they desperately need, and then drag their feet when someone is not working hard or behaving ethically.

One of the keys to scaling is to create a team of loyal employees who fit your vision and mission. You find these team members by interviewing them multiple times, asking for references, and giving them assessments. This ensures that when you hire them, you are sure about the decision.

On the flip side, when someone is legitimately not doing their job and is unwilling to improve, do not be afraid to let them go quickly and respectfully. They will only be a burden to your company. Scaling requires the right people, so find them with this method.

  1. Create Effective Systems And Processes

Once your agency starts growing in tasks, job positions, and overall client demand, it’s time to create effective systems and processes to organize work better and have a proper follow up for tasks. This will help your company and team be more organized and aware of your clients’ requests and the status of each requirement. 

A system will let you know what comes next and the steps to take in order to deliver the expected results for your clients, and automate those steps to simplify your work. On a fundamental company level, it’ll give your team peace of mind and control over their work.

Get Ready To Skyrocket Your Agency

Scaling is all a matter of setting steps, taking control, and getting hands-on for your agency’s future. With the tips provided above, you’ll see how everything starts taking shape, and your agency led to growth and new opportunities.