Leadsie Connect is a service that allows you to white label your access requests when connecting with clients.

With Leadsie, you can quickly get Partner Access to your clients’ Facebook Ad Account (ad page, catalog, pixels & Instagram) and improve the onboarding experience. In 2-clicks you get the access if you want to “reduce the time to launch by getting the right access, quickly.”

  1. Go to leadsie.io/connect and sign up if you don’t have an account yet (and choose which Business Manager you want to use with your clients”.
  1. Once you are set up with an account, go to “Dashboard.” Here you’ll find two links to share. One link is for “Manage” Access, or their version of Admin. The other is “View-Only” Access, which is good for audits.
  1. Copy and paste the “Manage Access” link, so you can view what the client will see in the link. There you will see “Your Agency/Name” asking for a request, and the details of the request. They will need to connect to Facebook.
  1. Finally, once they have connected to Facebook, confirm which assets to grant access to. 

5) Finally confirm access at the end, after you select all assets. You can select more than one asset. “Confirm Assets” to have access to your client’s assets.

  1. Verify your new access in Business Manager, by going into the Partners tab (on your left hand-side menu). There you will find that your client was added as a partner and has shared their assets with you.