It’s estimated that Facebook has approximately 1.69 billion users; this number opens a whole new world for advertisers. And after almost 13 years since Facebook Ads were launched, we continue to learn from them.

The platform is forever changing, that it’s reasonable to make mistakes. Let’s explore some of these:

Mistake #1: Copying & Pasting Ads

There’s plenty of people out there because they see a set of ads working, they come and copy and paste them for another client. Remember, language, slang, and the way of talking can change from state to state or even neighborhood. Make sure to study your audience and create the copy for the ads focused on how they express themselves.

Mistake #2: Not Studying Your Audience

Related to the previous point, nor studying your audience is a huge mistake. Like on any other platform, for Facebook Ads, you should also perform market research, including competitor analysis. Study the entire presence of your client and their competitors; by doing this, you can even get inspired to create creative copy and CTAs for the ads. 

Mistake #3: Not Split Testing

If you’re split testing on Google Ads, why aren’t you doing the same on Facebook? You have to split test on Facebook, period. There’s no magical formula, people’s tastes, interests, etc. aren’t the same. Stephanie recommends split testing for at least the first seven days before deciding which ads are the best. 

And as Facebook Ads are always changing, eventually do some more testing in the future too.

Mistake #4: Editing Your Ads

Don’t get us wrong, yes you do have to make changes. But, when we say not to edit your ads, we follow the same best practice principle as Google Ads, where ideally, you should duplicate the ad you want to change and then test both the new and old ones before you decide which one to pause. Otherwise, you could alter the algorithm, and even a good working ad could stop delivering good results. 

Mistake #5: Not Retargeting Your Audience

Retargeting has always been part of marketing, and Facebook Ads are not the exception. Make sure to create custom audiences from all the people that took action, it could be on those that filled out a form but didn’t call the business, for example. And set up at least ten retargeting ads for them. A massive plus from Facebook Ads is that retargeting Ads are cheap. 

A complement to retarget people is also follow up sequences. It’s hard to get a conversion from the first interaction. Offering and creating follow up sequences to your clients will make a difference. You can use Zapier, or Go High Level (GHL). At Hite Digital, we use GHL, and Stephanie does too. It’s incredible the high added value you can provide through follow up sequences to your clients and shorten the buying funnel for their clients. 

Bogo Mistake: Using Low Budgets

Facebook allows you to use daily budgets of as low as $1. But there’s no way you’ll get sufficient data with that, not even with $5/day, especially when split testing. Stephanie recommends at least $15/day. And both Stephanie and JC, agree on setting up standards with your clients. Like a minimum monthly budget for Facebook of $750 and, in some cases depending on the industry $500/month. 

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