In this SOP you will learn how to set up notifications through GHL for conversations you may not be the owner of or assigned to.

In this case, for example, a client’s customer success team are the ones assigned as owners to these conversations; he/she wishes to receive notifications but not be notified for every single transaction. 

You must do the following steps: 

  1. Go to GHL in your sub-account. Head to “Triggers” on the left hand side menu.
    Click on “Add Trigger” on the top-right corner; give the trigger a name and place it in a corresponding Folder. Begin by adding a tag at a certain stage in your Campaign.

    You can also provide further filters in “Add filter”, if you want to choose specific points of contact.

  2. Now that you’ve created your new tag (ex: connor_notifications), head back to Triggers and click on“Add Trigger” to add a new filter trigger.
    Select the “event” to set up the trigger, which would be “Customer Replied”.
  3. Define the filters as “Has Tag” so that you can filter by the tag you created initially. It should look like this:

  1. Next, for the actions, specify that you want to receive notifications from Conversations from that specific Tag you created.

In “Select Redirect Page”, choose whether you want to head to the Conversations tab, Contacts / Smart Lists or Opportunity section, whatever you decide best.

5) Finally, make sure in “Select User Type” you choose “Select User” in order to assign yourself or a specific user to this notification.

Now you have the option to “hand pick” your contacts you wish to filter by tag, by going into a Contact Name and adding a Tag.