The goal of this SOP is to understand “Number Pools” within Go High Level and implement them according to your needs.

Number pools can be found in “Settings” → Phone numbers → Add Number Pool.

Number pools are used to track activity. There are two options to set them up.

For “Track visitor activity”, you can create multiple numbers (using Twilio) for certain activities like web visitors, PPC, and for all the leads except direct & organic, even Google Ads. This option is perfect for keyword attribution. If you select this option, you will see a list of choices you can select to make use of this number pool.

Select the option that suits your needs and click “Next: Create Pool”.

Add “ Number Pool Name”, Number to “Forward Calls To”, and then select how many numbers you want to add in “Pool Size”.

Next, select the checkbox that’s implying that you are buying numbers from Twilio. Continue on to “Tracking Options”:

Next step is to choose the tracking options, and how you want to manage the numbers. We’re selecting the numbers local option, meaning we want to keep everything inside HighLevel:

You can choose to add a “Whisper Message” or Voicemail, and also have the option to record the call. If you don’t want to leave a message for call recordings, then click on activate number.

You’ve now successfully created your number pool! This process can be used to track down a specific Campaign in the Marketing Section. You also change the source (the option that was selected in the first step) by clicking on the source column, and see the tracking numbers as well.