Understanding company culture is essential for success in the workplace. It provides employees with a sense of direction and motivation, and it reflects the values, beliefs, practices, and ideologies that your company intends to have. All in all, company culture reflects the company’s identity.

The attitudes, perceptions, and interests your employees have will affect your culture. If you want to strengthen your culture, you can do so by increasing employee engagement, improving communication, and more.

Why Should You Promote Company Culture?

Company culture is a driver of success you need to promote. It’s the backbone of your company, and it affects almost every area of it. When you create a culture with employee engagement, invest in their growth, and make them feel valued, you will see results in their performance. Here are a few ways that promoting a strong and healthy culture affects your company.

Raises morale
High morale results in more collaboration, better production, and a greater sense of esteem and satisfaction among employees. Employees prefer companies that provide a meaningful work experience.

Creates a more united team
When employees feel safe and satisfied in their job, they will communicate more effectively and ask for feedback so they can continue to improve. With a strong culture, teams will have the same vision and will work together to attain goals.

Creates loyalty towards your agency in your team
When employees feel that you have their best interest in mind and receive the necessary tools and training for success, they will be engaged in the agency’s growth. These opportunities for learning, development, and a sense of ownership will motivate employees to develop, grow, and stay loyal.

Instills your company values and goals
If employees feel like they are doing meaningful work and have a positive work experience, they are more likely to repeat that positive experience. With incentives, activities, and growth opportunities, your employees will instill your company values and goals to maintain the culture strong.

Ideas for Activities

Now that you know that company culture is key for your employees and business growth, here are some ideas for activities that will strengthen and promote culture.

1. Speaker Sessions
Speaker sessions are the perfect way to motivate your employees and are a tool for their personal growth. Invite speakers into the office that will inspire, educate, and teach them life skills. This doesn’t always have to be on a budget. You can work with influencers and entrepreneurs in the community, or even have some team members share something they are passionate about.

There is a lot to learn from others, and your team can apply that knowledge to daily tasks in the office and their lives.

2. Family Activities
Employees spend more time at the office than at home. When you support them and their families financially, emotionally, and physically, you show them that you care. Some family activities include sporting events, road trips, trivia, scavenger hunts, cookouts, camping, and many more. This allows team members to learn about each other and their families in a stress-free environment.

3. Physical Activities
It is important to take advantage of team-building activities outside the office. This will help employees be more involved and develop better skills in a non-work environment. Taking some time to enjoy time as a team without stressful work scenarios will be a breather for them. Some activities can include sports, volunteering, challenges, dance lessons, and more.

4. Wellness Activities
When your employees are happy and healthy, they will be more engaged and productive. They must be not only in a results-centered environment but also one that looks out for their wellness. Some activities that you can implement are meditation, breathing sessions, fitness challenges, nutritional coaching, and more.

Company Culture Can Make or Break Your Business

Company culture is shaped by daily habits in the workplace that hone your business’ unique personality. Developing it does not happen overnight; it requires regular work, planning, being intentional, and bringing it to life. Once you have a set culture and employees that are committed to maintaining it, you will experience the best results.

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