Many companies went from working at the office to their homes overnight due to quarantine and COVID-19. This has made many employees change their entire routine and it can lead to them feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sudden change. It’s normal for them to feel less excited and change their attitudes when the change is so sudden.

However, as a business owner, you need to make sure that your employees can adjust to change faster so they don’t fall into an unmotivated or depressive state. The best way to make your team feel happier, productive, and excited about working from home is to promote your company culture by doing different activities. 

Why Should You Still Promote Company Culture With Remote Workers?

Some business owners don’t see the change that promoting company culture creates when you’re at home. However, it’s been proven that creating habits and behaviors that go with your company’s culture can raise morale in your workers.

Implementing small but strong changes can make your employees feel more confident, have more enthusiasm, and raise their self-esteem. This doesn’t change at home — in fact, it’s even more necessary. Creating a united team can happen through online teamwork exercises. Not only will it keep everyone more engaged and connected, but it creates a bond even if it’s through a screen.

What your employees really value is having someone there when times are getting rough, so you can make your employees feel supported by checking in privately with each one for a chat.  Also, it’s really important to check in with all your employees as a group a couple times a day to make sure they’re not getting behind with tasks or feeling unmotivated. 

Ideas for Activities

Daily Team Video Meetings 

If you’re not used to having daily meetings, it’s time you start implementing them with your team. Creating these daily team meetings is useful to communicate with all your team and share important updates about the company and clients. This is also a great way to see your team’s faces and make sure they’re doing well. Not only will your team feel a sense of unity,  but they will also be updated on the company goings-on.

Virtual Speaker Sessions

Featuring a speaker at the end of every week or month creates big value for your employees. Not only is it amazing to hear the perspective of other professionals, but it’s a learning experience. Helping your employees’ growth should be one of the main goals of your company, and with virtual sessions with a speaker, you can achieve this.

Video Classes

You should also make sure your employees are having fun. You can increase their energy by scheduling video classes on Friday before the day is over. It’s good to create a poll for your employees so they can choose. Some activities that you could do are yoga, dance, Zumba, breathing exercises, meditation, and more. 

Online Get-Togethers

Unfortunately, people cannot visit each other or go out to restaurants. However, an activity that can be fun to do is online get-togethers after work. You can have a game night, virtual wine nights, or just chat with your employees and enjoy the start of the weekend. 

Promote Change In Your Company

The worst thing you can do is not try at all. That’s why implementing small changes in your culture can benefit the wellbeing of your employees and make them thrive, even if they’re all at home.

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