Road To Sales & Scalability: Lessons Learned

Road To Sales & Scalability: Lessons Learned

Alex Schlinsky, Sales Coach and Founder of Prospecting on Demand, has a lot of lessons to share from his life journey as an entrepreneur. Agencies can gain a lot from the shared experiences of those who came before them. Discover the great lessons Alex Schlinsky shared with JC Hite and apply them to your agency.


Following Your Passions

Alex Schlinsky majored in being a clinical psychologist. Still, he has had a passion for sports and journalism since he was young. This led him to apply for a sports journalist position for the Miami Dolphins. 2 months he used, constantly calling no matter how many times he got a no. One day, perseverance gave its reward, and he got in. 


This is the beginning of what would become his professional career. He worked with the dolphins for a year while also working with some attorneys. At an event in Florida, he discovered the term social media manager, and he found he could do that. This kickstarted his journey into digital marketing.


Lessons Learned

Many lessons came from the journey of building this digital marketing agency. Here are a couple of them:

  • Relationships

Relationships, be it between family, friends, or peers, are essential. Building solid relationships that will last is an excellent way of maximizing your opportunities. If you make terrific relationships, they’ll last, and this will give you many skills and rewards. Relationships overcome problems and are essential for creating a network.

  • Initiative

Taking the initiative and being proactive is of enormous importance to start and scale your digital marketing agency. Take the time to reach out for help when you need it. This requires that you’re humble enough to recognize your needs. Take that leap and reach out to others to solve problems.

  • Persistence

Be persistent. We say “we outwork our stupidity” at Hite because we’re persistent. You have to work hard and continue knocking on doors, making calls, and reaching out. You don’t have to think you’re the best; you have to move to overcome the obstacles. Be a little more aggressive and lose the fear of the word no. 


Lessons To Grow with Digital Agency Hacker

These lessons are great for those who are starting to build a digital agency but also for those who already have one. Scaling your agency with these tips will be an achievable goal. For more awesome lessons, check out Digital Agency Hacker. Upgrade your membership and enjoy all our features.