Scaling to 6 Figures in 60 Days

Starting your own business is a dream that many business people have come true. If we ask all of them, they will tell different stories about how they achieved their goals. But they will all agree that the journey is difficult.


Tatiana Chamorro, a Nicaraguan business owner, is here to tell us the story about her process to run her marketing agency and to provide some tips to start your own business in 60 days:

Find Your Passion

When she was in college, Tatiana realized that she loved graphic design. For her, creating graphic designs is a hobby. 


If you do what you love, you won’t feel that you have to come back to work the following day. When you love what you do, money is in the background because you are having fun.

Know Your Strengths

When you understand what your strengths are and what you are good at, you have the opportunity to develop those abilities until you become an expert at what you do. 


You can learn from others that do the same thing that you do and make improvements to your processes. There are many resources where you can learn from, such as YouTube videos, conferences, podcasts, blogs, TED talks, etc.

Find a Support

Tatiana has had the support of her husband during her whole journey. While she works on what she loves, he attends to their children.


Your support doesn’t have to be your husband or wife solely; your support could also be a group of people that have the same values that you have and care for the same things. You can find the support you need to continue doing what you love and learn more skills through these people.

Positive Energy

As we just said, the journey to have your own business is difficult. You will go through hard times, but it depends on you to let them stop you or not.


Surround yourself with positive energy. This will allow you to keep going no matter what you go through; remember that everything is about attitude. Try to see difficulties as opportunities to learn and grow. 

Long-Term Commitment

When you take care of what you do and do everything in the right way, you will create long-term relationships with your clients. Combining passion with time management allows you to take care of your business.

Making Plans

Remember that growing your business is not an overnight thing. Setting goals for 5 years in the future helps you understand that a successful business requires time. In addition, when you set your goals, you will always keep them in mind and allow you to make more oriented plans.