Google has implemented an easier way to reach business owners through chat with GMB Chat using Google search. If for example you search for a business, the option to message the business directly will appear on the business description that appears on the right.

When using a smartphone, you will find the option to message the business directly if they are also using Google MyBusiness Chat. It should look like this when you Google search using a smartphone:

If you activate the following integration in Go High Level, you’ll be able to connect business owners with more customers. The integration allows you to take all of this messaging on GMB, put it into GHL and offer it as another communication channel for your clients.

To activate Google MyBusiness Chat within Go High Level, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” within “sub-account” → then “Integrations”.
  2. Connect to Google Account that has access to Google My Business Account. (NOTE: If you’ve connected your Google account before March 1st, 2021, you will need to fully disconnect, reconnect your Google Account, and then re-select the GMB page). 
  1. Once you’ve connected your account, it’ll ask you to choose the Google My Business Page you want to connect to. Once selected, you’ll see that “messages have been enabled” in Google My Business. It may take about 3-24 hours to enable the Messages.
  2. Now when you go to your Google My Business account, under “Messages”, you will no longer see the “Turn On Messaging” option anymore, since messages are now enabled.

(The above will no longer appear since your messages are now enabled).


Now you need to notify yourself or your clients in GHL to see when new messages/chats come in. 

  1. Go to “Triggers”. Create A New Trigger.
  2. Now you will see that you have the “Choose trigger” option for “Customer Replied Event” is now available.
  3. Define your filters as: “Reply Channel” and add the “GMB Messaging” to the last tab.
  1. You can proceed to “Add Action” accordingly, add tags, send email or text, etc.
  1. As a final step, go back to “Integrations” in your sub-account, and you will now see “Change Settings” under GMB (Google My Business) section. Here you can update the settings of what the actual chat will look like when someone initiates a Google My Business Chat.