Instead of clients running to other agencies, they can go over the services your agency provides by creating your own Marketplace with a simple funnel.

In this feature we’ll go over how to activate a “button”, or Custom Menu Link within Go High Level, to act as a funnel for your own agency’s Marketplace of services. This will open the funnel step to purchase, then linking it to your own agency/location clients’ sub-account. 

  1. Go to Funnels. “Create a New Funnel” and give it a name. 
  2. Provide a Step. The first funnel will be your Main Landing page.
  3. The next steps you’ll provide will be one for each specific service, that will serve as individual landing pages.
  4. Click on “Edit Page” to begin editing your first landing page.

Once you are done with your landing page, we’ll use images to provide direct links for the services in your Marketplace.

  1. Click on the “Service Image” and head to “Actions” on the left-hand side “Image Settings”. Define “Actions” as “Go to website URL” and add the website you wish the image to lead to once clicked. You can provide the link to the preview of the second step funnel you made for that particular service (you can find this in the main Funnel page, next to the “Edit Page” option).  Do not toggle on “Open In a New Tab”. Do the same for all services.
  2. Add a “button” to add the option to return to the main Marketing Landing Page, by adding Element – Button.
    – Click on the new button, name it referencing a return to the main Marketplace Landing page.

– In “Button Settings”, make sure to go to “Button Actions” to finalize steps. “Link to”, should be “Step” and redirect to the main Funnel in the “Funnel” action tab (in this case DAH Marketplace/Switchboard).

Now that your Funnel/Switchboard Marketplace is complete, you can add it to your client’s sub-account using a Custom Menu Link.

1.  Begin by going to your Agency View, “Settings”. 

2. Go to “Custom Menu Link”

3. Click on “Create New” to make a new Customized Menu for your Marketplace. Give it a Icon, which will be the icon you see in the left hand side options on the previous photo.

4. Give the customized Menu a Name in “Link title”, and set the path URL to the preview of the main Marketplace Funnel you created. 

5. Toggle off the “Show link on Agency sidebar”, if you don’t want this on your main Agency Dashboard sidebar.

6. Toggle off the “Show to all accounts”, if you want this Custom Menu Link in a Specific Snapshot (which in this exercise is what I’ll do).

7. You can now add the specific Snapshot you can this Custom Menu Link to appear in (in this case a personal test Snapshot).

8. Finally, click on the Choice Box to “Open in iFrame inside the Platform” to have the Funnel appear inside a GHL sub-account, on the left-hand side. You can click “Open in New Tab” if you wish for the Marketplace Funnel to appear in a new tab. In this case, we’ll use iFrame. I’ll look like this:

You can now add products then have the option to  collect them into Stripe. You could have your prospects/clients fill out a form and then purchase, or purchase directly.

This is a good way to provide cold calling, to have a direct place for weekly specials and a place for website developers to showcase their skills/services.

This can be used for cold calling or emailing as well, scoring API etc.