This new feature is for the new tab in Agency Settings called “Compliance.”

GHL is also HIPPA Compliant (regarding PHI, Protected Health Information), if you’re not aware; you can view more information by clicking “Find Out More.”

In this SOP, we’ll go to GDPR Compliance. Click “Find Out More,” and it’ll guide you through the GDPR document. All legalese about GDPR can be found in this HL agreement. It’s required for EU countries or GDPR-affected countries. This is done to protect data we receive as marketers from our clients and so there’s no need to change the way information is handled.

Always encrypted and primarily using Google Cloud, sometimes Amazon, all GDPR compliant. 

On the right-hand side, above you’ll find the “Data Process Agreement”. Once you click on “Sign Agreement”, you’ll be redirected to a Go High Level form called “GDPR-Data Protection Agreement” powered by PandaDoc. Fill out the information and you will get the document email that you can sign electronically or e-sign.

You can always go back to the “Compliance” tab to review the GDPR document if you need any clarifications as a data controller (person who collects data), or as a data processor (person who collects on behalf of the controller). We are all responsible for our client’s information. GDPR compliance ensures that but also regulates terms of security of UK law and European citizens who wish to have more control over their information/data online.