Go High Level just released a new feature called Text-2-Pay Payments. HighLevel has allowed users to charge their clients using funnels through the 2-Step Form element. Although this can still be done, now a new feature allows payments to be made through texts, Facebook Messenger, via email, etc right within the Conversations tab in HighLevel!

  1. To be able to access this new form of invoice making, go to your HighLevel sub-account and click on the Conversations tab.
  1. Next, click on any conversation and go to either “SMS” or “Email”, and below you’ll find a button for “Request Payment”.
  1. Click on that button ($), and you’ll be asked to integrate your Stripe account if you have not done so. You may also access this Stripe Connect integration when you go to “Payments” → “Settings” in your sub-account. If you connect here, you’ll notice a red font showing that Stripe Secret Key “Will be deprecated soon”, urging you to “Switch to Stripe Connect”. GHL seems to be upgrading to Stripe Connect as opposed to using the Secret Key as before (we’ll update with news when required).
  1. Upon connecting your account, you’ll be prompted to a pop-up for “Request payment”, where you’ll be able to add your items and you also have the ability to name them.

    – You can add multiple items by clicking on the (+).
    Payment Request Control shows your total request.
    – You can modify an invoice number if you need to under “Invoice Number” (generated automatically otherwise) and provide a date when your invoice expires in “Link Expiration”.
  1. Once you click “Save” on the previous image, GHL will provide you with the share link for this invoice. You can see GHL has white-labeled their link with “fastpymnts.com”. Whitelabel for payment links also coming soon!
  1. Paste the link provided in Conversations to your URL to view the invoice. You or your clients will be able to pay using credit cards or with Google Pay. As you can see below, this is powered through Stripe. However, any integration with QuickBooks will work smoothly for collecting payments.
  1. Finally, to view further details, click on “View invoice details” to see the products and further details. 
  • Now you are able to provide invoices and let your clients know about this new payment feature! You’ll be able to facilitate the selling of different products or landing pages created for purchase.