As a digital marketing agency, setting expectations is crucial. When working with a new client, those initial promises can affect your working relationship. Setting expectations correctly builds confidence and trust with your clients in the future and helps you retain them long-term.

Why Is It Important?

A great way to get started is by communicating with them honestly. This means being honest when you start off and throughout the time you work with them.

When you are making the sale, be honest about: 

  • Your prices
  • What they can expect depending on the industry — each one is different
  • What you offer — and what you don’t
  • What you’ll be measuring — and what you won’t

After you onboard them, keep the client in the loop about:

  • The peaks and valleys of the industry
  • How your strategies are performing
  • What results they can expect and when
  • Any issues that come up unexpectedly

With realistic expectations, you can reasonably reach what was expected, and when you can exceed those expectations, the client will be even happier. Underperforming because you set unattainable expectations will seem like a failure to your client.

How do you set and meet client expectations? In digital marketing, you’ll need to perform your best in bringing conversions and traffic. You must understand the client and their business to make an action plan and set goals.

Digital Marketing Strategy Expectations

It is key to understand your clients’ expectations and what you, as the agency, can deliver. You and your clients might have different ideas of what success looks like and a different timeline to achieve that success. Here are a couple of digital marketing strategies with realistic expectations and timelines.

Paid Search

Paid strategies stand out in terms of efficiency because you’ll see results even on the exact day your campaign launches. Traffic is increased from day 1, but as soon as payments discontinue, your ads will vanish just as quickly. 

Price: In terms of price, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. This is due to how customizable these ads can be. You’ll have control over when and how much is spent as you see fit. Price can also vary among industries, and this is something that must be openly discussed with the client.

Timeline: Paid search campaigns can be optimized for better results, but they won’t necessarily improve over time. There will come the point where ROI is maxed out. 

Search Engine Optimization  

SEO takes time; Google must rank your client’s site in terms of content, links, authority, and activity. When you are continually optimizing and maintaining the site, you could achieve higher rankings. 

Price: SEO can vary in price depending on the agency and packages they offer. Performance-based search engine optimization has dynamic pricing. 

Timeline: SEO results are not immediate; they can take at least 6 months before performance can be evaluated. However, an improvement over time will bring the best long-term results.

There are many strategies, but taking the time to discuss each openly with your clients will allow you to reach and exceed goals.

Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations

Setting expectations correctly can help you improve your relationship with your clients and retain them longer. Remember that you should never promise more than what you can realistically deliver. You’ll be able to exceed expectations when you are open about what you can and can’t do during a specific time frame. 

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