As stated by Ian Laurie, CEO of Portent, Inc., content marketing is anything that communicates a message to an audience. It is the heart of marketing, as it is how we communicate with our audience regardless of the form.

Content marketing can help you build a long-term audience, create a consistent experience, and set up a flywheel for your efforts. If framed well and shown to the right people, any industry can benefit from content marketing.

Usually, content marketing results (flywheel marketing) are not seen immediately, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Your digital marketing agency should focus on long-term results. Once you get the ball rolling, you will experience all the tangible and intangible benefits it provides.

Content Marketing’s Tangible Benefits

Some of the known important tangible benefits are the reason why content marketing is attractive to many. Results are easier to measure and can be tracked effectively.

Site Traffic: One of the most important tangible benefits of content marketing is traffic. The higher the quality of your content, the more people will come to your site and learn more about your services, products, and company. 

Improved SEO: Content provides search engines with information about your company and your authority (backlinks, relevant queries, ranking, etc.). Without any content available, there would be nothing to optimize for search engines. Content benefits SEO at its core.

Direct Customer Conversions: High-quality content will inform your potential customers how you can provide value to them. They will be more likely to convert.

4 Intangible Benefits

Although more difficult to measure, but no less important, here are 4 excellent intangible benefits you can experience from excellent content marketing.

Strong Brand Awareness

Content gives your audience an overall idea of who you are; therefore, it will provide them with something to talk about and recommend to others. The more engaging and high-quality content you put out there, the more likely they will trust and teach others about your company and what value you can offer them. 

Respect in the Industry

Earning respect and trust from your audience takes time. When you provide content that proves your knowledge and integrity, they’ll look to you over other sites or companies that lack quality and consistency. The authority you gain through your content will translate to your services and products.

Indirect Customer Conversions

Targeting potential customers with your content will get them a step closer to your products and services. Even when your content doesn’t directly mention what you have to offer, they are more likely to purchase your product because they know about you.

Team Coordination

Without content marketing, there would be no foundation for marketing campaigns. Content creation allows you to collaborate with team members that you don’t often work with, such as engineers, designers, social media teams, and much more.

Content Marketing Done Right

Content Marketing is right for any type of business, and if you do it right, it will help you achieve your business goals. Remember, don’t expect results in the next few days. It takes time, but the tangible and intangible results and benefits will be worth it. 

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