Top 10 Stupid Things People Do On PPC

Making mistakes is an inevitable part of learning, and the same holds true for digital marketing. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is no exception – in fact, it’s one of the most complex digital marketing channels to master. 

There are some common PPC mistakes that inexperienced digital marketing agencies make when starting. In this blog post, we will look at the 10 most dumb PPC mistakes and how you can avoid them.


Stop Making These 10 Mistakes On Your PPC Campaigns

  • Having The Wrong KPI Goals

Your marketing campaigns should always support the business’ goals, not the number of clicks. Your strategies might go a little off the road if you guide yourself by the number of clicks. Keep your goals and KPIs clear, not arbitrary.

  • Not Knowing Your Audience

Not knowing your audience and what they care about is a major mistake. It’s not about being only quantitative data-driven, but knowing that qualitative data plays a big role too. If you have no concept of who you’re marketing to, it’ll result in bad returns. 

  • Automating Too Early

There’s nothing wrong with automating, but you want to build an assembly line with the correct data before relying on technology’s help. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty; play with the automation and optimization. This will help you learn how the audience, changes, and ads respond. Smartly setting up a campaign will do a lot better than relying on an external tool. 

  • Launching Without Conversions

Problems with conversions can be common, and launching a campaign without conversion data sucks. If you have a conversion that’s like a sale, you have to keep it separated and always have a comfortable conversion code on your side. Conversions aren’t a standardized metric; you have to seek success and be comfortable with it.

  • Not Having Client Standards Or Processes

Most newbies in digital marketing tend to do this. Taking any client without considering standards creates even more work than there should be. Make sure to have an outline and do the prework, not just take any client. 

Stop focusing just on sales but on creating sustainable relationships with your clients. Ask yourself: who is my client? Is it aligned with my expectations? It’ll save you stress and time.

  • Letting The Data Decide

Data doesn’t make the decisions; you make the decisions based on that data. Get your numbers and dig into what caused them and how to optimize from there. Data can be tricky to handle if you’re not careful.

  • Not Segmenting

Google’s default reports will give you the wrong understanding if you don’t segment properly. If you don’t segment, you will add extensions and not understand how this one is performing. Segment your campaigns with different metrics and standards. You take the risk of not understanding or even missing stuff when your demographics aren’t clear.

  • Not Understanding The Search Mindset

Usually, beginners tend to prioritize volume at the expense of relevancy. You have to put yourself in the searcher’s shoes and be able to say what people tend to have on their minds while searching. Great tools to do this are surveys and market research.

  • Not Protecting Your Account From Google Expansions

Google expansions can alter your PPC campaigns. Here’s how it works: Google needs to report gains generated by more clicks over the quarter. Every quarter changes are made to the settings to expand the number of clicks. Be mindful of how you’re going to approach these changes and always be on top of them. Don’t assume settings are going to stay the same.

  • Not Having A Strategy

When you don’t have a strategy, don’t expect results to be good. Make sure your strategies are holistic. Some might work better and convert better, yet some might not. You have to constantly feed the pipeline and be on top of the campaign-type stages of the funnel. It’ll be like a brand campaign cannibalizing organic results. 

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