Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, and its advertising platform allows every business owner to connect with their target audience. In fact, Facebook claims that they’re 89% accurate when it comes to targeted campaigns.

This means that Facebook ads can get your message in front of people who are most likely to want your products and services. Therefore, you pay to reach your potential buyers, saving money, and increasing your conversion rates and return on investment. 

Moreover, Facebook has four different types of ads and every one of them is necessary to achieve the best results. Discover more about Facebook ads and when to use them. 

Image Ads

Images are a great way to showcase your beautiful product pictures and get started with Facebook advertising. You could even create one with an existing image from your Facebook Page. Besides, you can include a link in the text description of the post to increase traffic. 

Best Practices Guidelines 

Use High-Resolution Images

There isn’t a maximum, so upload the image with the highest resolution. 

Show Your Product or Brand

People scroll through Facebook’s feed pretty quickly and you’ve less than 2 seconds to catch their attention. Attract your customers through creative and original images that communicate your message effectively. 

Avoid Too Much Image Text

Image text is any text written over your image. This isn’t recommended, and Facebook may not show your imagen if it has more than 20% text. 

Video Ads 

Videos can build a strong connection between you and your potential customers, and even the smallest company can make a video to entertain. Videos can run in News Feed and Stories or they can show up as in-stream ads in longer Facebook Videos. 

Moreover, there’s no need to create filmed video footage. You could create GIF graphics or other animations to capture your customers’ attention. 

Best Practices Guidelines 

Create Authentic Videos 

Publish original content, rather than sharing content from other sources. Be yourself and respect intellectual property. Also, upload the highest quality resolution video.

Use the Appropriate Length 

Shorter videos (less than one minute) are great for sharing fun and interesting moments, announcements, polls, and ads. On the other hand, longer videos are for live streaming, storylines, and so on.

Ensure Your Video Looks Good on Any Surface 

Check video requirements for different surfaces such as Facebook Feed, Marketplace, Search Results, and much more.

Other Recommendations

  • Create an accurate, meaningful title and description. 
  • Add captions or subtitles to help communicate your message. 
  • Don’t use slideshows of images, text montages, or looping videos. 

Carousel Ads 

A carousel ad uses up to 10 images or videos to display your products and services. It’s exceptionally useful for e-commerce businesses looking to promote various products and their benefits. . 

Marketers use carousel ads to advertise different posts and offers. Besides, every ad has its unique link, so you’ll know which one works better and attracts more leads. 

Best Practices Guidelines 

Use Images and Videos That are Engaging 

Work with similar images, maybe from the same shoot or with the same color schemes. Besides, Facebook recommends the square (1:1) aspect ratio for videos. 

Show the Best-Performing Cards First 

When creating a Carousel ad, you can choose to automatically show the best performing cards first. This is based on previous performance among people who viewed your ads. 

Tell a Story 

Always create attractive headlines, descriptions, and call-to-action. They’re key to boost engagement and reach better results. Not only images and videos are important when doing ads.

Link the Cards to the Right Landing Page 

If you’re selling a specific product, the carousel card’s link must take customers to the right website page. If you don’t have many pages options, use the more accurate ones or re-direct them to your “contact us” page. 

Collection Ads 

Typically, collection ads include a cover image or a video followed by several product images that are being sold on your website. This is a mobile-device experience and when a user clicks on a collection ad, they’ll land on an Instant Experience. This allows customers to buy products without leaving Facebook. 

Best Practices Guidelines 

Use a Large Product Catalog 

When creating a collection ad you need to pair it with a catalog of a minimum of 4 products. It’s advised to use more than 50 products, so Facebook can select the most relevant ones. Facebook automatically updates your list and only shows in-stock products. 

Include a URL Parameter 

Adding a URL parameter to your ad, you’ll be able to identify where the traffic is coming from. Additionally, you can track the number of people who click the link to your website.  

Redirect Customers to a Page with Multiple Products 

Redirecting customers to a page with more products than what you’re showing on the ad, encourages potential buyers to explore more products and services. 

Boost Your Digital Marketing Agency Today 

Drive more traffic to your customer’s website and increase their overall reach by taking advantage of Facebook ads. We suggest testing different formats and analyze which one performs better for every client’s needs. 

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