The business world is always changing due to external factors that cannot be controlled and currently, virtual assistants are becoming an essential part of it. 

Virtual assistants are professionals who provide administrative services to clients. They can perform a wide range of tasks from clerical to expert-level, depending on the business industry. 

Commonly, CEOs, managers, or entrepreneurs have countless pending tasks, so hiring a virtual assistant to deal with repetitive responsibilities has been their answer to maximize the business’ efficiency. 

Virtual assistants work from home and are located in another country. Moreover, you can hire them for some hours a week, during the duration of a project, or for a long period. 

There are millions of virtual assistants worldwide and before you decide to hire one, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages you should expect. 

The Pros of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Increases Productivity & Efficiency

This is probably the main reason you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant. Today’s world is challenging and requires a lot of flexibility and adaptability to thrive.

CEOs should focus on important tasks that will generate more sales and revenue. For this reason, virtual assistants are key to keep the business moving. Most of them are already skilled and qualified in their area of expertise, so you don’t have to worry about training.

Scales your Business 

When a business is expanding, it’s highly recommended to outsource operations to minimize costs. Keep in mind that full-time and permanent employees expect better pay, plus benefits and insurance. 

On the other hand, virtual assistants are more affordable and you can negotiate pay and working hours.

Strengthens Weak Areas 

Virtual assistants aren’t just secretaries. As we mentioned before, they possessed in-depth knowledge regarding every-day tasks essential to any company. Besides, you could search for virtual assistants who specialized in the skills that your business’ needs. For example, some of them perform digital marketing tasks or payroll preparation.

The Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Language Barrier & Miscommunication 

Miscommunication occurs due to differences in grammar, diction, and cultural or social context. It’s important to find individuals that, while foreign, are educated and even have some cross-cultural experience.

Moreover, unforeseen circumstances could happen, such as low internet connection, power outages, or natural disasters that will delay the completion of tasks. 

No Supervision

It won’t be easy to supervise your virtual assistant because they’re located in another country and working remotely. So, you need to make sure you’re contacting a responsible and efficient person. 

We advise you to do online research and request personal references. Also, ask how many clients they have since they might lose focus when dealing with multiple customers. Another tip is to contact a reliable agency to ensure top-quality service and the best professional for the job.   

Risk of Data Security 

Nowadays, hackers and cybercriminals are a common issue. Companies must increase their online security and hire trustworthy employees. We advise you to do a background check and determine if that virtual assistant is the right person for your company. 

Set Up for Success

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