The marketing funnel is the path your customers take to purchase a product or service. It’s composed of different stages, starting from visitors that come to your website down until they convert. 

Some tools and techniques can be used to customize the path your customers are following. Companies create their marketing funnel to get leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers.

It’s normal to lose people during the process, as the main objective is to get the right customers that can purchase again in the future. Some funnels may include stages for remarketing and retention after the customer has made a purchase. 

Let’s take a look at a sample of a marketing funnel:

The Stages in Marketing Funnel

Depending on your strategy, there can be more stages in the funnel than the illustration. However, these are the main ones marketers work with:

Stage #1: Awareness

During this stage, the brand is known and exposed to as many people as possible. In digital marketing, images and videos are mainly used during the awareness stage. The idea is to get the attention of this audience and move them down the funnel.

Stage #2: Interest

In the interest stage, people already know the brand and are starting to show interest in the products or services. Digital marketers use this stage to expose the benefits and features of the products or services. 

Stage #3: Consideration

The consideration stage is when the people are already considering purchasing a product or acquiring a service. However, they still need a little nudge to convince them and make a purchase. During this stage, nurturing is essential.

Stage #4: Purchase

The purchase stage is the desired and final stage for some companies. However, others with enough budget may plan additional steps to get returning customers.

Stage #5: Loyalty

The loyalty stage is where returning customers are found. And it can be divided into more phases such as retention. Marketers may use retargeting techniques during this stage. A good example is the emails retail stores send with promotions or discounts after you’ve made an initial purchase.

Tools Used to Create and Customize Marketing Funnels

There are numerous tools to create and customize marketing funnels. These are some of the most popular funnel software tools:

Go High-Level: A Favorite

Go High Level is one of our favorites because it has an excellent community for support and numerous tools to cover all marketing funnel stages. 

With Go High Level, you can even create websites and landing pages and have a detailed and informative dashboard where you can manage all your leads and follow up campaigns. Other features of Go High Level include:

  • Two way messaging (Facebook messenger, SMS, email, phone calls, ringless voicemail)
  • You can create multi-channel campaigns
  • Acts as CRM and pipeline manager
  • Has call tracking 
  • Customizable forms for bookings and appointments
  • And more

Start Creating Your Marketing Funnel

If you haven’t, we invite you to start creating your marketing funnel. It will make everyone’s job more efficient, your marketing and sales teams will be better organized, and you’ll get better quality leads and customers. 

Go High Level has a 14-day trial. If you want to learn more and get help or share your experience with marketing funnels, we invite you to join our Facebook community of digital marketing agencies. Where you can learn everything about growing and scaling your business, automation secrets, and more.